The secret of Xult already revealed!

Have you been waiting for the big news, to find out what Xult is? We are excited too! After 3 months of intensive work, it is our pleasure to reveal that Xult will be the new cryptocurrency exchange which will fulfil our promises to establish the best exchange for all crypto traders. The new exchange will be powered by the EXCC coin.

To be clear, the Xult exchange will be used with the Xchange.me exchanger and the decentralized exchange (which was the primary purpose of founding the EXCC) to create a platform which features complex services for crypto traders. All our services will have the common denominator – our ExchangeCoin (EXCC).

The new decentralized exchange will operate based on the EXCC cryptocurrency; it will be built on the EXCC blockchain. In both exchanges the coin will be used to access exclusive services and privileges on the platform as well. The EXCC coin will also be used as a trading pair for the platform.

EXCC blockchain

Do you remember the hard fork we performed 2 weeks ago? That was a big step in our plan. Building the decentralized exchange based on the first version of our blockchain would have been risky. So to achieve our goal we needed to rebuild our primary blockchain and adjust its features to suit our future needs. You can recall that we used an advanced algorithm – Equihash, and as probably the only PoS + PoW blockchain on the market, it is also resistant to ASICs, which makes mining much more affordable on your hardware.

We are speeding up!

The Xult launch is planned for the Q4 2018. Has the countdown started? Yes, the whole development of the exchange will be completed in less than 6 months!

“Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the IT company specializing in centralised exchanges and the lean UX agency experienced in crypto solutions, we are going to launch Xult in the market in less than half a year.” said our CEO – Sylwester Szczepanek, he added, “Work on the centralized exchange started a couple of months ago. We kept it secret as the market for exchange services is very competitive, and we want to make sure the project had reached an advanced stage of development before making an announcement. Now it is only a few months left before the launch so we can share this happy news.”

Connecting the dots? No, the IT Company or the lean UX agency we are cooperating with to deliver Xult is not Pragmatic Coders. That’s another great partnership we will announce soon!

Xult roadmap

Those of you who have been observing our project carefully have probably seen the roadmap for Xult already on our website. For others who would like to get to know us better we are highlighting the most important plans here:

  • Q2: Start of Xult development; UX research & design; Implementation of the exchange;
  • Q3: Beta-testing; Marketing strategy; Business development; Preparation for the launch;
  • Q4: Launch of the Xult!
  • H1 2019: New languages`; Community coins voting; EXCC voting system for new listings;
Have a look at the roadmap for Xchange.me, Xult and the decentralized exchange at the excc.co website >>

Xult differentiators

How will Xult be differentiated from other exchanges in the market?


As have obviously noticed transparency is really an important factor to us. We plan to continue with this approach with Xult, for example, by letting the community make decisions regarding new coin listings, revealing the details of the exchange team, publishing the information about the exchange operator, etc.

Excellent customer support

You can relate with your experiences on other exchanges that the customer support is what gives you ‘a headache’ while handling issues related to trading. For coins that are listed on exchanges, time is crucial too. And not all exchanges can react as quickly as their users and business partners expect. We plan to keep the 24-hour time of the response that we set for the Xchange.me, and maintain that standard for all our services!

User Experience

User experience was one of the main points of focus while working on Xult. During our research, we had interviews with potential users, noting the problems they encountered on other exchanges, verifying features we will offer them, and making sure that we’re providing a unique value for our persona – the semi-professional trader. We believe that by leveraging the beneficial features of Xult, we will build a great customer experience.


Safety of the exchange and protecting the funds of all users will be our priority – the funds will be kept on the multisig cold storage. Additionally, the exchange will be highly protected against the DDOS attacks.

Still curious? We have been receiving more inquiries on Twitter about the ‘X factor’ in the name – Xult 🙂 It can’t be revealed right now, as the adage says ‘the competition is not sleeping.’

Xult – A beautiful design

We love beautiful designs, and fortunately, our persona loves it too! So Xult will be well crafted, looking good, and at the same time, it will be very useful. Have a look at those perfect screens – and that’s only a sneak peak of the whole exchange!

Xult exchange

What’s next?

Now we can all wait for the Xult launch. Please let us know what you think about our plans, Xult design, and the differentiators we established. Follow Xult on Twitter and Facebook, and share this happy news with your community.  Together let’s make Xult the best new exchange ever!

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