xChange.me v2 released

I’m happy to announce a new xChange.me version available.

New code base

This release is special for us, as we dropped 3 years old code base from the origin exchanger. This also gives fresh opportunities for integration – we have an open API, which allows you to integrate our exchanger in any project you want. An entire process can route through Tor making all exchanges untraceable. API, with live examples, is available here: https://api.xchange.me


An account on xChange.me doesn’t exist anymore, so there is no registration, logging in – we are accountless exchanger.

Our customers always get the best rate. We charge only one small fee, visible during the whole exchange process. xChange.me doesn’t fix the rates, we do not charge any extra fees for “handling” or “withdrawing”.

Totally anonymous

We collect non of the personal informations. Our clearnet version uses Cloudflare for DDoS protection and has a minimal amount of Javascript included. xChange.me is also available as standalone, Tor version. There is a CLI script to use with Python3, so it can do the whole exchange process outside the web browser.

The coins that could require any extra information (while sending them) are handled differently now. Extra id / memo / payment id is no longer required. It depends on user now if he wishes to provide any extra information.

Because our affiliate program did not get too much attention, it is not available anymore. We might consider creating the new version of it, but it depends on the demand.

I hope you will enjoy new xChange.me as we do.

Wiktor Glowacki

ExchangeCoin CEO


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