xChange.me CLI released


I hope this release announcement finds you well, considering how crazy things are outside the world, at the moment.

We have a couple of good news for you. Like I said last time, we are still limited when it comes to the project financing, but we never give up. Even these days, when the whole economy is collapsing, we are trying to do our jobs the same way as we are doing since this project launched.

Xult.com had few issues, including downtime, but we were able to identify them and apply fixes. We have removed some of the trading pairs (mostly tokens which appeared on the exchange during free listing promotion) and added two new coins: Monero and NEXT. 

We have focused on xChange.me, especially on it’s Tor version. Most of the code is rewritten. The exchanger works much smoother and more reliable now. We have added a few features:

  • xChange.me CLI – Python 3 script which you can use to exchange your crypto with no need to visit of our website. The script also works on anonymous Linux distributions like Tails or Whonix Workstation to provide 100% anonymity for our users.
  • PGP proof of the address – now, when we present with payment address, you can verify it with PGP. We provide the PGP signed message with the address in it so you can be 100% sure you are using the correct site and not the phishing one.
  • Refund address – you can provide your refund address, it’s optional, but when provided, there is no need to contact support. If the exchange fails within about 6 hours, we send funds back to the given address.

Our “old” exchanger, at the original address https://xchange.me is still functional, but it is not updated anymore. I will send another batch of emails to all users to encourage them to move their remaining EXCC balances as the old site is closing in April. We will use https://beta.xchange.me site, with reworked frontpage.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned and what is more important, stay safe.

Wiktor Glowacki

ExchangeCoin CEO


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