Voice Assistant On Xult?

We’re extremely excited to share with you that we’re working on a voice assistant on Xult! We are constantly working to provide you with the most valuable cryptocurrency exchange platform possible, so we decided to follow the newest technology and implement a voice assistant solution to Xult.

What is voice assistant?


There are two reasons to talk to a gadget or a device: when it isn’t working properly and you are frustrated (or worse); or when it is working properly and you are making something happen. The first of these is just human nature, the second is voice assistant. Simply put, voice assistant is the programming of a device that allows you to verbally communicate with it, and it with you.


You have most likely used voice assistant at some point. Apple introduced Siri to us in 2011 and their competitors quickly followed suit, and now just about anybody with a mobile phone has an assistant in their pocket. More recently, we have been inviting them into our homes to enhance convenience and improve security. They are being built into cars and other household appliances. And the list continues to grow.

Voice User Interface on Xult


We here at ExchangeCoin chose to include a Voice User Interface (VUI) solution on Xult because we seek to provide the greatest array of options possible to use the platform. VUI allows more freedom for traders when it comes to obtaining information and entering orders, and our aim is to simplify traders’ lives in this busy world. We believe that VUI is the future; and with innovation being one of our core values, we are eager to include this technology in the design of our products.


Wiktor Głowacki, CEO of ExchangeCoin commented, “It is not without reason that people say that voice is the new black. I cannot imagine the future without voice assistants, nor can our team, so we want to move Xult to the next level. You’ll be able to talk to us and take your crypto journey to a new space, voice space!”

Which Provider?


You’re probably wondering which provider we chose. Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana or maybe Google Assistant? We’ve done a few tests and the whole team decided that one stood out among the rest, so we’ve chosen… 🥁🥁🥁 Google Assistant!  Stay tuned and follow us for more exciting updates about Xult’s voice assistant functionalities! Coming very soon.


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