Voice Assistant On Xult – Let’s Talk!

This exciting moment has finally come – we’ve launched voice assistant on Xult! After a few months of work, we finally made it. We previously shared some general info with you about voice assistant.[LINK] Now we’d like to talk a bit more about how we’re gonna implement it on Xult.

Voice Assistant on Xult


Usability of our services is one of the priorities here at ExchangeCoin. Voice Assistant is a go-to interface when it comes to speed and simplicity of use, which makes Xult a leader and innovator in the cryptocurrency market. Xult’s Voice User Interface (VUI) allows users to receive information and enter orders in a very productive way, which is required in a trader’s busy world.

We believe that VUI is the future; and with innovation being one of our core values, we are eager to include this technology in the design of our products.


Wiktor Głowacki, CEO of ExchangeCoin commented about Xult’s new functionality, “We are very excited about this improvement here, at ExchangeCoin. Our goal is to provide the most convenient, valuable and innovative way of exchanging cryptocurrencies and we definitely think that using voice assistant will be a game-changer in this process.”

What can Xult’s voice assistant do?


Using the voice powered application on Xult will enable users to:

  • Check and compare coin prices, users can quickly get information about current rates of various coins
  • Set up a personalized price and activity notifications, get only information relevant to your current portfolio,
  • Initiate buy or sell orders, and exchange currencies

Partnership with Upside


We partnered with Upside to help us implement the voice interface software. Upside is a technology agency that provides innovative solutions for businesses that incorporates emerging technologies. They specialize in developing voice interactions on the various hands-free platforms currently available.


Katarzyna Ryniak, Co-Founder of Upside said, “Xult’s Voice Assistant lets our users quickly access all relevant data that traders need while making investment decisions. Instead of entering websites, now they can simply ask their assistant a question and get an immediate answer! Xult Voice Assistant provided seamless and frictionless access to coin prices and exchange rates. What’s more – traders can set up their personal portfolio to follow.”


Which Provider?


The competition amongst VUI service providers is fierce, there are some very strong products on the market such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant. We tested many areas which included: voice commands, speed of response and accuracy of information. After thoroughly examining each of the options, we found that Google Assistant consistently provided the most superior results that we felt would be in-line with the Xult exchange.


How to use Xult’s Voice Assistant?


Using Xult’s voice assistant is very simple. First of all, you need to have the Google Assistant app installed on your mobile phone. Mobiles with the Android operating system have the app installed automatically, so your job is almost done. If you have the iOS, download it from the App Store.


When you have the app installed, just run it and say “Talk to ExchangeCoin”. Then follow the conversation. Enjoy!


Alternatively, you can join by opening the following link: VUI


So, go ahead and talk to Xult. See how much more freedom it can provide you to stay on top of activity in your account, take action when needed, and spend more time doing the other things in life that are important to you.


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