How can I buy EXCC at coinexchange.io?

Are you looking to buy EXCC coins? Buying EXCC coins at coinexchange.io is easy and this instructional blog will give you step by step instructions on how to buy your first EXCC coins.

What is coinexchange.io?

Coinexchange.io is an online cryptocurrency exchange supporting the most popular altcoins and some more niche cryptocurrencies as well. With a commitment to ease of use and an enhanced user experience, coinexchange.io is an up and coming integrated crypto marketplace. In addition, coinexchange.io prioritizes user security, excellent customer support, and consistent service stability ensuring that the exchange never goes down.

How to buy EXCC

In order to buy EXCC using BTC, a user must first register and make an account on coinexchange.io as only registered users can purchase EXCC. Secondly, users must ensure that they have enough BTC in their account to purchase the amount of EXCC they want to buy. As coinexchange.io is an altcoin focused exchange, users must fund their accounts with crypto prior to trading.

Once registered, users can also make use of fast deposits if they need quick access to more funds. To make a fast deposit, click on the section named “balances” on the account page, decide and locate which coin you want to deposit, click the actions tab and select deposit. An address will display where you can then send your coins to complete the fast deposit. Once your account is funded, you are now ready to buy EXCC.

To buy EXCC, search for the EXCC page in the exchange by typing EXCC into the search function or by clicking on a direct link. Next, go the trading interface at the bottom half of the page, there you can place buy and sell orders for EXCC. To input a buy order, first, decide which at price you would like to pay to buy your coins. Market orders can be placed by selecting a price from the sell orders listed at the bottom of the page. Or, if you want to input a limit sell order, you can manually enter your preferred price.

Once you have chosen your desired price, enter the amount of EXCC you wish to buy in the amount field or the amount of BTC you wish to exchange for EXCC in the total field. Filling in either the amount or total fields will automatically calculate the values of all other fields for the buy order transaction. Once you have completed this step and all of the buy order fields are completed, click on “Submit Buy Order” and the subsequent “Confirm Order” buttons to complete your transaction. Congratulations, you have just bought your first EXCC!

How to withdraw EXCC from coinexchange.io

To withdraw your EXCC from coinexchange.io, click on the “My Account” tab and select “Balances”. Search for EXCC in your balances, and select “Withdraw” from the “Actions” tab. The completion of three information fields is required to make a withdrawal from coinexchange.io, the amount you would like to withdraw, the address where you are sending your coins, and your account password. Once these fields have been completed, click on the “Submit Withdrawal” button where you will see a notice indicating that your withdrawal was submitted successfully. Congratulations you have just successfully navigated coinexchange.io!

About EXCC

Created in 2017, EXCC is designed to further the development of a user-centric cryptocurrency-exchanging ecosystem complete with a centralized exchange, decentralized exchange, and an integrated exchanger service. However, the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform is the primary milestone of the EXCC development team. Thus EXCC is a utility coin created to support the internal economy of the EXCC decentralized exchange. In addition, EXCC features extensively in many other parts of the ecosystem such as the decentralized voting mechanisms, paying transaction fees, and unlocking access to exclusive EXCC offers and discounts.

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