Exilibrium v.1.0.0-beta.8

 On September 30th, we finished the third quarter, however, we are not idle & continue to push the limits of EXCC. Beginning the new quarter, we designed an update of our desktop wallet – Exilibrium. Why? Because we respect user feedback. Check out the changes!

web wallet

 We have introduced additional revisions both in the visual and technological layers. The list of developmental updates, are shown below: 


  • Added the ability to go back to wallet selection from launched wallet;
  • Added configuration option to allow expanding the number of wallets;
  • Added menu option & keyboard shortcut to hide application toolbar (Windows & Linux);
  • Updated social media links; added Discord channel link;
  • Optimized memory management of tickets/transactions & statistics recalculation;
  • Fixed gap limit application setting handling;
  • Fixed startup flow time based indeterminism;
  • Fixed problem with blockchain synchronization false positive (mostly on Windows);
  • Partially fixed issues with application shutdown on Windows; more user feedback required;
  • Upgraded to Electron v3;
  • Other minor fixes.


One of the most significant changes, in terms of usability, comes from the ability to go back to wallet selection view, after launching it – just click the button with the selected wallet name in the upper right corner.

web wallet

As a visual upgrade: you can also close a toolbar using a keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + G” (works only on Windows and Linux).


“One of the most noticeable upgrades that we are proud of, is the improvement in the speed of work when changing the tabs or performing any action. Jacek Janus, one of the front-end developers from our dev team – Pragmatic Coders, spend a lot of time on wallet optimization and the results are awesome. The experience in using Exilibrium should be even more positive than it was” commented our CEO – Sylwester Szczepanek.

How to update your wallet?

To update your wallet, open the wallet app at the top. You will see an ‘Update Available’ link (in the top right corner); click it and download the new version. Install it and … enjoy the new features.

web wallet

You can also download the new version of the wallet from our website >>

We’re waiting for your feedback! Share it on our Twitter page @EXCC_team >>

If you notice some bugs or would like to request a new feature, please submit an issue on GitHub or contact us via our Support Centre >>


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