Exilibrium v.1.0.0-beta.7

When we announced our team and partners, as well as the new product Xult – cryptocurrency exchange, our developers were working hard on the new version of our desktop wallet – Exilibrium.

Exilibrium- wallet

We introduced changes both in the visual and technological layers. The list of development updates, you can see below:

  • Import accounts with single private key
  • Optimized application log management
  • Added visual testnet connection indicators on app sidebar
  • Displaying correct address scheme in accounts page
  • Prevent application crash when going back from creating wallets selection view
  • Prevent double click on buttons which start the wallet (was causing lag issue on Windows)
  • Removed reload window option from the application toolbar
  • Correct ticket buyer options form validation
  • Removed link in mined block transaction notification

We also added other minor improvements and bug fixes to resolve issues from the reports we received.

To update your wallet you need to open the ‘wallet’, at the top, you will see a download link (in the right corner), click it and download the new version, install it and… enjoy the new features :)

Exilibrium wallet - download

You can also download the new version of the wallet from our website >>


We’re waiting for your feedback! Share it on our Twitter page @EXCC_team >>

If you notice some bugs or would like to request a new feature, please raise an issue on GitHub or contact us via our Support Centre >>

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