ExchangeCoin 2020 Status Update


The first month of the new year is almost behind us, so it’s high time to present you with the 2020 action plan.

2019 Summary

Before I begin, I will briefly summarize 2019. It was a very difficult, tough and full of unpredictable events period.

It started with the unexpected resignation of the ExchangeCoin co-creator. Then we went through a series of setbacks – the ICO funds ran out, I stopped the cooperation with external companies and had to focus on ensuring that the entire EXCC environment could be kept alive.

In 2019, many falls of smaller, or even worse, larger cryptocurrency-related projects could be seen. It was undoubtedly a year of verification, from which in my opinion I came out unscathed. But enough about the past, it’s time to deal with the present.

Over the past few months, you could observe a clear decline in activities related to the development of ExchangeCoin products. This was due to the fact that together with Filip, we had to deal with things completely unrelated to our project. Unfortunately, currently our products are not yet profitable, so we are not able to make a living from them.

But it also doesn’t mean that we have completely left the project. Many of the things that we work and worked on will be used and implemented in our products, as well as will greatly affect their functionality and security.

Last year, we were able to release two new products – xclouder.co and xchange.me in the TOR version. Despite many adversities on the markets and while working on xult.com – the exchange works and will be actively developed.

What in 2020?

But it’s time to talk about the positives and the future, what awaits you in the new year?

  • Definitely more development and communication
  • Attempts to establish cooperation with larger companies, in order to integrate our products
  • Increase in interest and fluidity on xult.com
  • New version of xchange.me (finally)

The above steps probably don’t sound like a long-term plan, but it should be remembered that we are still financially limited. The project is generally funded solely out of my own pocket. I’m also the only one who runs it.

Despite many adversities and mistakes made in the past, the project will continue and will be developed. It won’t be at a pace that we would all like, but one thing is certain – the project will not be abandoned.

2020 will be a year of many changes. All exchanges, exchange offices and any cryptocurrency-related websites operating in Europe had to comply with the new law against money laundering. In short, what does this mean for the end user? Requirement to provide your data when conducting any transaction, even when FIAT currencies are not involved in them.

This is a great opportunity for all exchanges registered outside of Europe, including xult.com and xchange.me. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve noticed an increase in interest in this second website and I believe that its best days are yet to come.

To make this short, 2020 will certainly be a year of many changes for ExchangeCoin. The direction that we will follow depends on many of you. Join us on Telegram, Discord, follow our social media.

Stay tuned and all the best

Wiktor Glowacki
ExchangeCoin CEO


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