Decentralised, open source cryptocurrency. On the market since 2017.

About ExchangeCoin

Coin Type: PoW + PoS (70%/30%)

PoW Algorithm: Equihash 144,5 (ASIC Resistant)

Total Supply: 32003133.2 EXCC

Block Time: 150 seconds

Protected against 51% attacks

No developers fee

If You’d like to find out more about Our goals and what’s this all about, please read our Whitepaper

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Tech-Based Security


Our improved Symbol

Since the launch of ExchangeCoin, we’ve been ahead of the game when it comes to the technology we implement or the strategies that we create.
Seems only logical that tour Visual identity should be on par with our standards.
We started with a logo in the shape of X; throughout the years, it became not only the symbol of ExchangeCoin cryptocurrency, but also a trademark for innovation and simplicity of our ecosystem.

Now, it’s high time for an upgrade.



The ExchangeCoin symbol is cleaner and more striking, to represent our cryptocurrency that can be utilised in a variety of ways and stay on the market for the long run.

We have matured, and so has our Symbol - no more pastel colours or round edges; From now on, we identify using only the upgraded mark.

For more information on the design, color scheme, safe space or typography,
download our brandbook.

ExchangeCoin Utility

ExchangeCoin is useful in a wide variety of ways. We are always looking for more ways to increase EXCC utility, so the list continues to grow. At the moment, We have managed to create and support a streamlined ecosystem for the coin, which allows its holders to:

Use EXCC to trade cheaper!
ExchangeCoin holders get a 50% discount
of trading fees, if they have enough EXCC
on their Xult account.

Pay the exchange fee on!
Fees for the fully anonymous exchange can be paid in EXCC.
Isn’t that great?

Buy a server with EXCC!
ExchangeCoin is a cryptocurrency that supported
anonymity from its inception, so naturally when the xclouder hosting reached out to us, we were thrilled to support them.

Mining and Staking EXCC

EXCC is one of the first cryptocurrencies which combines Proof Of Work with Proof Of Stake. This makes ExchangeCoin almost impossible to hack.

70% Proof of Work
30% Proof of Stake

Proof Of Work
To mine EXCC all you need is a modern GFX card. You can mine EXCC using at least 4GB GFX card (AMD, GeForce, etc.).

Our coin is ASIC resistant so we’ve decided to give full control of the network to the people instead of big players on the market.

Mining EXCC is easy, just visit, download your miner and you are good to go.

Proof Of Stake
This is an extra security layer which makes 51% attacks almost impossible to perform.

To stake EXCC you are required to use Exilibrium wallet or have knowledge about using cryptocurrencies via Terminal.

Staking makes EXCC network stronger so we all benefit from it! Join us at

Wallet Download

Our wallet app lets You safely store and use Your ExchangeCoin
no matter where You are or which operating system You use,
we provide safe and reliable wallet.

Contact Us!

You can reach us on most social media platforms.
Join our community to stay up to date with latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies

or, if You don’t want to, You can simply reach out to our helpline. You can also just send an email to [email protected]