Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

Most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized and can be easily takedown. They also require registration and verification. What is more - you have to deposit your funds to their accounts in order to trading. ExchangeCoin was created to change it all.


In January, CryptoXchanger will organize the first EXCC Airdrop. All holders with a minimum of 50 EXCC will be eligible to claim the free EXCC offer. There is good news for holders who decide to save their EXCC during the ICO; they will be paid a remarkably higher percentage bonus. And that’s not all, for our first Airdrop, we will allocate a significant part of the ExchangeCoin Bonus leftovers (valued at over 1 million EXCC). We will publish the address where the bonus coins will be kept so everyone can check how many coins are available at any time. The number of bonus EXCC receivable will depend on the number of coins held. However, everyone will receive a fair percentage(e.g. user X holds 1000 EXCC, and there are 3 million EXCC eligible for the bonus, this means user X will receive 0.00033%, approximately 330 EXCC). We will publish the detailed Terms and Conditions for the Airdrop exercise soon.

In February, we will organize the second phase of the ExchangeCoin Airdrop, and for this event, we will allocate the entire EXCC we have mined in addition to the leftovers from the EXCC Bonuses. Again, only the EXCC holders who retain their coins in their personal wallets or within CryptoXchanger will be eligible to claim the free coins. The EXCC address where the mined coins are kept will be made public to everyone. And by this time, in furtherance of our objectives to improve the value of your EXCC we will suspend open mining processes, this will ensure that the coin and block explorer are safe for use. On the roadmap, we claimed to open mining in Q2, 2018, but we expect this to happen earlier.

CryptoXchanger Team is working to ensure that our decentralized exchange is fully operational; this will enable our team to offer more incentives as rewards to ExchangeCoin holders. First, we will be offering a lower transaction fee to eligible EXCC holders. In addition, we will undertake revenue sharing from the platforms trading fees with the holders of EXCC. We have concluded plans to reward our users who recommend our exchange to others, and holders who retain their EXCC for a specific time (stacking). We appreciate our partners, and we will include the affiliate structure for our partners in the new exchange.