Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

Most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized and can be easily taken down. They also require registration and verification. What is more - you must deposit your funds into their accounts to trade. ExchangeCoin was created to change all that.

Why decentralized exchange?

CryptoXchanger's primary goal is to become independent from 3rd party exchanges and provide a new - modern platform, where anybody can purchase and exchange cryptocurrencies. We aim to create decentralized, anonymous, easy to use and what is the most important - safe exchange that can be used everywhere by everybody.
The idea for ExchangeCoin (EXCC) was born when CryptoXchanger was created. Our development team had to register and integrate a dozen exchanges into our platform. Some exchanges required verification, and some did not even have an API for all the currencies we wanted to incorporate into the exchanger. The creation of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange became our dream, and now we want it to make it come true.
The task is not simple and requires a lot of work and resources. That is a reason why we are announcing the ExchangeCoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO). EXCC is a coin that has two principal purposes: raise funds to create the decentralized exchange; and give EXCC holders opportunities to gain profits from planned incentives and mining programs, trading and dividends in the future.
In our work, we would like to focus on advantages that blockchain gives to its users:


The data is not kept on a single server but is shared among all the users, it means that decentralized exchange cannot be takedown even by government.


There is no 3rd party you have to entrust your money, each user holds the private keys of their coins. Multi-signature gateway software that protects the network from unauthorized transactions.


No need to register, all you will need is a client software and wallet address.


All transactions are person to person, and there is no 3rd party involved security.


All deposits, withdrawals, and order books will be stored on the blockchain. There is no place for exchanges manipulation.


We plan to project a blockchain that can process up to 100.000 transactions per second with an average confirmation time of just 5 seconds.

Cross-Chain transactions

This point is challenging as transactions between different blockchains are not straightforward. We have some ideas, and few projects have already succeeded in atomic swaps, so we know it is possible.


Many countries have firewalls and ban their residents from some services. We plan to integrate VPN into the client so that anybody can have access at all time. It will also increase anonymity of our service.

About Exchange Coin

ExchangeCoin is a coin that is being announced to raise funds and create the blockchain-based exchange. The cryptocurrency market is fresh, and there are just a few decentralized exchanges which are not very popular, as they are not easy to use. One of the main things we would like to focus on is a user-friendly interface. We would like to implement all the features that centralized exchanges offer right now and transfer them to the decentralized environment. It will stop manipulation, account bans, traffic overload, and theft. The blockchain is the future, and EXCC is part of it.


Q4 - Oct 2017 / Dec 2017
  • EXCC as a reward for using CryptoXchange Investing Part
  • ICO Sale
  • Establishment of EXCC Development Team
  • Web Wallet within Exchanger Site
Q1 - Jan 2018 / Mar 2018
  • Trading on Exchanges
  • Listing on CoinmarketCap
  • Windows, macOS, Linux Wallets
  • Investment program closure
  • AirDrop for EXCC holders.
Q2 - Apr 2018 / Jun 2018
  • Increasing Security
  • Independent Web Wallet
  • Trading on more Exchanges
  • Open Mining
Q3 - Jul 2018 / Sep 2018
  • Android/iOS wallet
  • Website and Wallet improvements
  • Mining pool launch
Q4 - Oct 2018 / Dec 2018
  • Support cross-chain trading
  • Starting EXCC exchange marketing
  • Upgrading EXCC Development Team
  • First Alpha of EXCC Blockchain Trading
Q1 - Jan 2019 / Mar 2019
  • Coming soon